2019 Events

DENI UTE MUSTER - 21st Anniversary

2nd & 3rd October

Top of the Range Arabian Event & Qld Arabian Saddle Horse of the Year

19th October

(Sponsoring Class 93 - Youth Handler 10 and under 14 years)


22nd, 25th, & 26th October 

SQRHA - Gatton

6th - 8th December 


21st December 


31st December 

2020 events


2nd February 

(We will be sponsoring a prize for the winner)


20th - 24th March 

(We will be sponsoring the winner of the 'STUD SHEEP' category)


21st & 22nd March 

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26th April 

(Team Sponsorship)


1st & 2nd May 

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8th + 9th May

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29th + 30th May

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28th June

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19th July 

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19th September

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14th March

23rd May

18th September (Finals)


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Johno Berry

Sponsored Athlete

Introducing Johno Berry.

Mackay Qld born Bull Fighter from Clermont Qld, Johno Berry has grown up around cattle and worked on stations throughout central Queensland. 

He started riding bulls from as young as 15 and is now working as a professional Bull Fighter in Australia and overseas. 

He got serious about the profession in 2013 after 7 years of working practice days.
2014 & 2015 saw Johno work for PBR Australia touring on the PRO devision. 

March 2017, he flew to America for 3 weeks to undertake the Rob Smetts & Miles Hare Bull Fighting School. Which was held by Shorty Gorgham & Lights Out Fighting Bulls in Uvalde Texas, USA. 

A year later he was accepted into the BFO Development Camp held in San Bernardino California, later this lead to living in Washington.
Now resides in Greenville Texas, when touring for the US circuit. 

A washout at the AFB Freestyle Bull Fighting Competition in South Dakota lead Johno becoming viral. 

After recovering from injury, Johno was back to Greenville Tx in January this year.
This year he has competed in several freestyle events, 3 BFO Development Camps & the BFO Barrelman Camp.

2020 will see him compete for the Australian team after being approached by the CEO from the Cowboy Protection Association, for the Championship Series. 

For this, he has teamed up with Australia’s Brodie Frizzell. A young gun wanting to get a start in the US. 

They have been in the practice pen at Top Rail Cowboy Church every Thursday & Sunday unless on the road to the next rodeo event.

You can follow his story on facebook at “Johno Berry Bullfighter” or Instagram.


Brodie Adams

Sponsored Athlete

Introducing Brodie Adams

Brodie is a 27yr old Professional Bareback Bronc Rider. 

He has qualified in the Australian Professional Rodeo Association - APRA Finals 3 times. 




2019 saw him take a break, during this he travelled and got married. But now, he has the 2020 finals in sight. 

His title wins include;

-2012 Central Rodeo Cowboys Association Rookie Bareback Champion

-2012 Great Western Young Guns Series Bareback Champion

-3x Great Western Top Gun Series Champion in Bareback 

2013, 2014 & 2017

-2017 Central Rodeo Cowboys Association Bareback Champion

Career Highlights Include;

-Competing at Sydney Royal Show

-Winning Mt. Isa 2nd division Bareback in 2017

-Winning Moranbah Pro Rodeo in 2018

2018 saw Brodie compete in 34 rodeos on a total of 40 horses. 

Brodie says his favourite rodeo is Mt Isa due to its size, the caliber of stock and the competition.

In 2020 his goals are to qualify and win the Australian Professional Rodeo Association Finals. 

Compete in multiple associations and win at as many rodeo events possible. 

We wish him the best for the 2020 season and look forward to supporting him throughout it. 

You can follow him on 

-Facebook Brodie Adams

-Instagram @brodie922

-Snapchat badam48


team penning

We have added this team to our group of Sponsored Athletes, together they compete in Team Penning. 

Wally Breton 

Wally has ben competing in Team Penning the longest out of the 4, a staggering 16 years. 

He is defiantly one to watch in the ring with so many years under his belt. 

He has earned himself a Reserve Champion Buckle and too many ribbons to count for both wins and placings throughout the years. He mainly sticks to South/East Qld competitions, but that takes him all over. He also competes in Arena Sorting events and Cut Outs. 

Why do you compete? 

'I love the team work aspect of Penning, most sports don't have such tight nit teams. The love I have for horses is also a big factor, it's a great way to give them a workout while also being educational. 

Team Penning has a great bunch of people as well, it's a great overall atmosphere'. 

Who is your current Comp horse? 

Cowboy, a 9 year old ASH gelding. (Australian Stock Horse)

Cowboy is relatively new to the circuit, but works impressively for a 'bush horse'. We look forward to watching his education and skills advance throughout the year. 

Jane Stamp 

Jane started competing in Team Penning for the 2012 series. 

But has been working with horse since she was 15, starting off as a Trackwork Rider. 

She also has a Reserve Champion Buckle to her name, along with many ribbons for both wins and placings. 

Jane competes throughout South/East Qld in Team Penning completions but also Campdraft, Arena Sorting, Cut Outs and formerly Western events. 

Why do you compete? 

'I love it. Love the team work involved with Penning, both Team (3 riders) and Pairs. It provides new experiences for my horse with added benefits of adding to his education. The people within the Team Penning community are also great, while we are all competing against each other everyone has great sportsmanship'

Who is your current Comp horse? 

Spin Me Loose a.k.a Clancy., a 9 year old ASH gelding. (Australian Stock Horse)

Clancy has a few wins under his belt and comes from a Campdraft family. He has taken out 2nd in the Open at Warwick and also winning his Novice event. 

Justin Storie  

Justin is new to the team, only joining this year but has been competing in Team Penning for 2 years. 

While he is reliantly new to the sport, like most it hasn't taken long for the thrill to kick in for him. 

He does not yet have any buckles to his name, but that could change this year with this great team. 

However, has won ribbons at a few different events now. 

The 2020 series will be his first but has won at Toogoolawah in Penning, Ranch Sorting at Rosewood and has a win and place ribbon from Caboolture earlier this year.  Also competing in Ranch Sorting. 

Why do you compete? 

'I compete in Penning because it's fast and fun'. 

As time goes by and he experiences all the elements, we are sure friendships and great stories will come also. 

Who is your current Comp horse? 

Flash and Tassa, a 7 year old Quarter Horse gelding.

We have seen little of his horse, but so far proven to be quick on his feet when cutting cattle and covering ground chasing a beast.  

Mark Issac 

Mark started competing in Team Penning 14 years ago. Since then, he has competed in a series every 2-3 years for the past 10 years. Also competing in Arena Sorting and Cut Outs as well, with 4 Team Penning Buckles to his name. 

Mark has countless ribbons in his collection, for both win and placings from many comps. 

He mainly competes in South/East Qld at 10 different locations but also ventures up to Gympie. 

Why do you compete? 

Mark says his main reason is his love for the competition and working with cattle. 

There is a great deal of fun that comes with the atmosphere at Penning events. He loves the social side it, catching up with old mates and creating new friendships each year. Like most others, it provides a way to take his horses out and show them new environments with the benefits of a workout. 

Who is your current Comp horse? 

Lectric, a 15 year old Quarter Horse gelding and former Barrel Racer with many Penning wins to his name.

Channie, a 22 year old Pinto mare who has recently come out of  retirement with hopes of adding another buckle to her wins. 



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