About the Campaign & Cause

What started as one person with a goal, has now become a reality with hundreds involved. 

Dust Off Brain Bust is a campaign and project designed to bring Brain Injury Survivors together. 

We aim to bring the Agricultural Industry together for support and education, to raise awareness. 

To spread the word amongst the Industry. Our cause is simple, raise awareness. 

Dust Off Brain Bust operate a private Support Group & Network, along with our Merchandise range. 

Our 'Charity' is operated solely by Australian Horizons Foundation and BeefitUP Australia. 

We do not have any input to the charity side of the campaign and cause, ensuring all is above board. 

Following an accident in 2018 the brains behind the idea, struggled in different workplaces,  mainly from the lack of understanding and education from her employers/management. 

After working on a cattle station, frustration sparked motivation to raise awareness. 

Upon her return to Qld, we started seeking out others in the industry that were also suffering from injuries. 

 "I was shocked to see how many have gone years without any kind of support after their accident"

After to speaking with many and hearing their stories, it was clear they were all in the same boat support wise, they simply had none.  Here is where the venture begun. 

She began joining Brain Injury Support groups on Facebook, just looking for an outlet or support system. 

It became clear others in the industry were singled out from the rest and some of them are still battling Workcover case years & years later, which places many restrictions to their lives. 

From here the questions were asked. 

Who is interested in a Ag only Brain Injury Group? 

What should we call it?

After speaking with many companies trying to get them on board to  to raise awareness, no one was keen or had the time. 

 "I'll do it myself then, I will get people talking" attitude kicked in! 

We started calling everyone she could find, much to her surprise someone responded offering to help. They were interested in designing a shirt for the cause, so designing and production begun. Next thing she knew, companies were lining up to show support by having their logo's on the shirt.

Then, Rural Weekly reached out wanting to write an article about the topic which went to print, but in the same week a organisation responded to her message. 

After a brief phone call they were sold and wanted to get on board for the charity side of Dust Off Brain Bust™ which was  in the planning stages. 

Dust Off Brain Bust™ wants to educate people in the industry on working with a person that has suffered a brain injury. 

-So everyone has a better understanding on how to support their co-worker

-Help employers understand their worker may need help in certain areas or need to change the way a task in undertaken

-Teach others we are not being lazy but simply struggle to run on the same wavelength  of someone without injuries

-Make the workplace equal and allow a safety

-Encourage companies to speak with their employees about work plans, safety meetings, struggles they need help with, inform co-workers of any issues, create support among the workplace and not to punish for inability to do a task or understand

The big issue... no one is talking about brain injuries in the Agricultural Industry.  

"It is simply not spoken about"

No one thinks about it because no one ask about it. We need to change that!

Many who are injured don't speak about their story for many reasons but a main one is simply that no one is there to listen. 

Dust Off Brain Bust want's to raise funds for people who need it. This will go towards medical cost, travel to appointments, medication, treatment and other types of financial relief. 

Financials are a huge part as many don't receive any kind of income after their accidents. "Everyone I have spoken with seem to have the same struggles" 

They don't get centerlink payments or any from employers/insurance, they are fighting for workcover payouts but go years with nothing.

Many are denied medical help from workcover as well which brings more stress. 

Dust Off Brain Bust™ is a registered, trademarked cause, charity and merchandise business. 

Please note, we are registered as 'Business' as our Charity fund is run by BeefitUP Australia and we do not

hold any control over it. This is to ensure the Charity Fund is above board and within the legal requirements. 

We act as a promoter of Brain Injuries, providing ABI/TBI survivors a support network while raising awareness on social media and via Brand Ambassadors. 

Legal action will be taken against anyone who is found to be coping designs, ideas or operating name. 

Where does the money go? 

This is a simple process. 

Money made from sales - 

Straight away 15 - 20% depending on the merchandise item and the popularity of stock, is transferred into the charity fund managed by Australian Horizons Foundation. 

The money left after the 15-20% is then spent on restocking merchandise items. 

**At no point do we collect any wage or income from this cause or sales. 


You can email us and we will provide you with the steps to donate 


You can visit the bellow link. This will take you straight to the donation page. 

Any payments made go straight into the fund. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible and you will be 

provided with a tax receipt. 

Should you donate to us at an event, we will personally deposit the funds on your behalf after the event has finished. 

Are you someone in need of financial help? Or wanting to donate to those suffering from a brain injury? 

The  'Dust Off Brain Bust  Charity' has recently been launched at the below link.

For anyone in need of help please contact Australian Horizons Foundation to discuss how we can help you. 


What is the money used for? 

100% of the funds raised and donated go to Brain Injury Survivors. 

Whether they are linked with us or not we will try to help.

If they are not someone working in the Agricultural Industry then we provide them with other cause/organisations that can assist them. 

But if they are someone associated with the Ag Industry and want to access finical assistance from us, we can help. Money donated or raised through sales is used for covering medical related cost. 

This can be medications, treatments, scan or even travel. 

Don't stress, we don't just distribute to anyone who says they need it. 

Australian Horizons Foundation and BeefitUp Australia take care of all the nitty gritty side of it. 

They will have to provide proof before any funds are provided.

A receipt, a doctors letter, referral and proof of attendance, reports are all things that can be used as 'proof'

Once AHF have approved these, they will discuss a figure to assist with the cost. 

Where are we now? 

Since starting our journey with Dust Off Brain Bust in early 2019 we have grown from a support group with 2 members and 1 Awareness Shirt to a large platform. 

We have; 

-A full Merchandise Range. 

(Hats, Workshirts, Bandanas, Key Rings, Ladies Collection, Kids Shirts, Fishing Shirt, Polo's) 

-Large Online Presence 

-Facebook Support Group 

(But people are also able to email/message us privately for support if they choose not to join) 

-Full website and educational links 

-Multiple News Articles (both newspapers and online) 

-20 Sponsors across the 2019 & 2020 Awareness Shirts 

-Sponsored Athlete's

-Brand Rep program 

-Event Sponsorship 

All of this is organised by supporters of our cause. No profit is made or income paid to those working behind the scenes. This is because, we are not a for-profit business. We are a support network created to help others 

and raise awareness. All merchandise cost are kept low as we only cover cost of production and donate to 

those in need of assistance instead of taking a wage. 

'Dust Off Brain Dust - Support Group' on Facebook. 


Be sure to tag us on your post and use our hashtags.

#BrainInjuriesInAg and #DustOffBrainBust



Can be found on Facebook


Burns Water

5426 4376
Atkinson Dam, Qld
Atkin Lodge Qld - Quality Agistment 

Can be found on Facebook


Can be found on Facebook


Burns Water

5426 4376
Atkinson Dam, Qld
Atkin Lodge Qld - Quality Agistment 

Can be found on Facebook
Can be found on Facebook


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Scone, NSW

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